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The University of Valladolid is a public university in Valladolid, in the Comunidad Autónoma Valladolid in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon in Spain. Currently about 31.780 students attend the university, which has about 2,000 teachers.


The university was in 1346 by the then Pope Clement VI. recognized you but called in recent times that the stock of the university is parallel to that recognized in Palencia, which was established in 1212.

The History of the University of Valladolid is strongly rooted in the city's history. The reason is that it has exercised an important, especially cultural influence on the city. Initially there was the university in the colegiata, represented in the collegiate church, then she changed her location on the opposite side of the square in Valladolid Facultad de Derecho.


The first significant result of its construction building has been built in the late fifteenth century. The new building, which is occupied by the Collegiate Church, consisted of a four-sided cloister, which opens into the hall, which is a former Gothic chapel of a large scale. Furthermore, the cloister leads into a Gothic portal that leads to a bookstore street.

At the beginning of the 18th century, it became necessary to expand the university building, which should then lead to different corridors. From the square in Santa Maria today one can see the façade was built in 1715, which has a Baroque style and was designed by Fray Pedro de la Visitation. In addition, you can see different figures that have an allegorical value. The central section, which you can see from the four pillars that depict giant is terminated by a large well proportioned comb.

In 1909 the controversial decision to demolish the building from the 15th century to build instead a modern building, which was designed by Teodosio Torres. It baroque facade was only left untouched, although it was itself aware that these may be damaged by the tags.

The design of Torres showed two cloisters. We placed a large staircase between the two cloisters and a large porch leading to the road books.

1939 had to endure a conflagration the university building. Since the problem of still not integrated facade was, was commissioned Constantino Candeira with the drawing of a new plan. He created a big staircase and a hall that stylistically but with the facade were consistent.

In 1968, the destruction of the two cloisters was completed and began the construction of a five storey building for students. As part of the demolition process were also the observatory tower, and the Auditorium, both of which were built in 1909. The facade, facing Liberia, has been redesigned and thus also detached from the traces of architects Torres. The new auditorium flanked now the facade Candeiras.


  • Official website (Spanish)
  • Official Website in English
  • International Relations Office
  • Technical High School of Computer Engineer
  • Web of the University Young Orchestra of Valladolid ( JOUVa ) ( in english)
  • Web of the Choir of the University of Valladolid ( in english)

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