University of Western Ontario

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The University of Western Ontario is a research university, which is located in London (Ontario). The university, founded in 1878 by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth and the angelika African diocese of Huron is one of the oldest in Canada. At that time her name was The Western University of London Ontario. 1883 acquired the first students with their awards in the fields of art and medicine. The campus consists of 1.6 square kilometers north of the River Thames which flows through the city. The main part of the campus consists of 75 buildings, but the university has also large estates outside the main site.

The rector of the university is John Thompson and the President, Dr. Amit Chakma. Taken together with all twelve faculties as well as the three associated colleges, the university offers more than 200 different educational degrees and diplomas.

Known graduates

  • Joan Barfoot ( born 1946 ), writer and journalist
  • John David Jackson ( born 1925 ) Theoretical physicist
  • J. Carson Mark (1913-1997), mathematician and physicist
  • Alice Munro ( born 1931 ), writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013
  • Kelly Rowan (born 1967 ), actress ( The OC )
  • Steve Rucchin (born 1971 ), ice hockey player
  • Vandana Shiva ( b. 1952 ), quantum physicist, feminist and environmentalist Indian
  • Bjarni Tryggvason ( born 1945 ), astronaut