Unmanned resupply spacecraft

A space shuttle or supply ship is an aircraft, to be made with the transport and supply flights to space stations. While also manned spaceships to transport payload are used but usually only unmanned systems are counted as space shuttle.

List of space shuttle


Progress (Russian Прогресс for progress ) is a Russian, derived from Soyuz unmanned and non-reusable space shuttle, the mid-70s by the OKB -1 Korolyov (experimental design bureau -1, now RKK Energia ) was developed to supply space stations of the Salyut series. Later, it was served with Progress and the space station Mir and the ISS today. He is to be replaced in the future by the Parom - space tug.


The Automated Transfer Vehicle is one of the most technically sophisticated spacecraft ever built in Europe. It is a completely autonomous space shuttle, the launch by itself to the International Space Station and docked there. This ability makes ATV into one of Europe's most important contributions to the Space Station.


The HTV (H-2 Transfer Vehicle) is a system developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA, unmanned supply ship.


Dragon is a spacecraft of the U.S. company SpaceX. In contrast to the European ATV and the Japanese HTV is in possession of a landing capsule and can thus return payload to Earth. A manned version for up to seven people is planned.


Cygnus is a space transporter, which was developed by the U.S. company Orbital Sciences Corporation.