Unsere Zeit

Our time (UZ ) is founded in 1969, " Socialist newspaper - newspaper of the DKP ".

Previous project

A precursor of the DKP- organ was apparently a same until April 1964, published in May 1962 in Mannheim in the two -weekly newspaper, which had twelve pages in length and had a print run 2500-3000 copies. She was transferred from the Mannheim locksmith and trade unionists Eugen Straub. The Prosecutor at the Regional Court of Karlsruhe threw Straub in connection with his newspaper project in violation of the 1956 judgment given KPD ban ago. Editor of Mannheim IP was Eberhard Weber. Weber later took leading positions in the newly constituted DKP 1968 and until 1986 was the press officer before he became chief editor of the Progress Press Agency. For a time, Weber was also deputy editor of the appearing time daily party organ " UZ - Our Time ".


The first edition of the DKP newspaper Our Time was released on April 3, 1969 immediately prior to the Essen Congress of the DKP ( 12-13. April 1969). It was edited by Kurt Bachmann, Party Leader of the DKP 1969-1973. First editor in chief was Gerd Deumlich. From issue No. 11 of 10 March 1972, the IP was subtitled " newspaper of the DKP " and pointed in the imprint as editor instead of Bachmann the " executive committee of the DKP " from. In the 80s, Georg Polikeit was editor in chief of the IP.

Initially, only weekly newspaper published the IP thanks to massive financial aid from the GDR from 1 October 1973, as a daily newspaper with the subtitle " The Newspaper of working people - newspaper of the DKP " in Neuss. The edition of the daily newspaper IP was in 1973 approximately 60,000 copies, the weekly newspaper IP around 50,000. Since early April 1975, the IP appeared only as a daily newspaper, the weekly newspaper was hired primarily for economic reasons. The Friday edition contained since a weekend supplement and has been manufactured in approximately double edition. The circulation of the IP was defeated in the subsequent years some fluctuations, but decreased it to 1981 to around 25,000 copies or 50,000 copies for the weekend edition on Friday, and then to approach the end of the 1980s the brand of 20,000 copies ( Friday edition: less than 40,000 copies ). Many years appeared the IP, six days a week (Monday to Saturday). For cost reasons, was dispensed between July 1983 and October 1986 on the creation of a Monday edition. On special occasions extra expenditure of IP with up to 400,000 copies of copies were printed.

1989 The Daily Show was canceled funding from the SED hired and fired forty employees. Between summer 1990 and July 1996, she appeared every 14 days, first with a circulation of 20,000 (1990). Since then, the IP is available as a 16-page weekly newspaper. The financial situation remains tense and the support decreases constantly for years. According to the Federal Office for the Protection of their circulation is nationwide at about 7500 copies, while the editors spoke on the IP - press festival 2005 of 9000 copies. The newspaper itself designate in June 2012 edition of 6000 copies.

The editors of the UZ has its headquarters in Essen. From 1996 until the February 2007 meeting of the DKP- party committee deputy chairman Rolf DKP Priemer was editor in chief of the IP. He was succeeded by Wolfgang Teuber in the period from 2007 to 2012. Since 2012 Nina Hager is editor in chief.

IP - press festival

Since 1973, together with the DKP and mostly every two years, with the IP - press festival organized by the newspaper, which claims to be in Germany " biggest festival of the left". With the organization of press feasts, the IP lined up in the tradition of other Western European communist parties and their newspapers, for example, the French L' Humanité and the Portuguese Avante! , A.

Since the first festival at the Düsseldorf Rhine meadows visitor numbers in the 1970s and 1980s were regularly at several 100,000 attendees. After disputes with the city, the festival took place in different cities of the Ruhr area. After the collapse of the socialist states of Europe 1989/90, the tradition was taken up in Bottrop 1993. Since 1995, the festival is held each during a long weekend in June in the Dortmund area Wischlingen. It still attracts tens of thousands of guests and well-known singer-songwriters like Hannes Wader, Konstantin Wecker or the Cologne group Brings.


  • Gerd Deumlich ( editor in chief )
  • Georg Polikeit ( editor in chief )
  • Eberhard Weber ( deputy editor )
  • Conrad Schuhler ( editor in chief )
  • Ulrich Sander ( deputy editor until 1990)
  • Rolf Priemer ( Chief Editor from 1996 to 2007 )
  • Wolfgang Teuber (chief editor 2007-2012)
  • Nina Hager ( editor in chief since 2012 )