Unst is the northernmost large island in the archipelago of the Shetland Islands and the northernmost inhabited island of Great Britain. It is sparsely populated and counted about 720 inhabitants in 2001. Most of the inhabitants are fishermen, many young people move today after Mainland or on the Scottish mainland.

By nature Unst is quite different from Mainland ( hilly) and Yell (especially peat ). In spring, the green meadows are dotted with daisies and many sheep, sturmumtost in winter and occasionally snowy. Unst is the " mother country" of the Shetland ponies that you see in some of pulling wild herds on the island even today, and above which a warning "Caution Pony " signs.

In Herma Ness, a large nature reserve in the north-west you can watch sea birds at close to the cliffs. One finds on Unst, as in almost all areas of Shetland, a large number of orchids in the Keen of Hamar a flora similar to that of the Alps and, if you look closely and visited the island in June, also a copy of the rare and only growing there Edmondstons chickweed ( Cerastium nigrescens ).

The largest civil settlement on the island is Baltasound with only a few dozen inhabitants, just a few shopping opportunities, a hotel and a phone booth. The bar at Baltasound Hotel is the only significant social meeting place in town. The northernmost post office Britain was until 1999 a few kilometers further north in Haroldswick. It had to close because there was no replacement for the decades- long active postal employees. In Haroldswick also to 2006 was a base for the Royal Air Force, which has now been converted into the Saxa Vord Resort.

The island is accessible throughout the year well with the regular car ferries. On the island is a bus line that serves the student transportation in particular. Noteworthy roadside bus stop " Unst Bus Shelter ", which depending on the occasion (eg Jubilee of Queen) her face changes. It is regarded as one bus stop around the world, which has its own website.

From ancient times, the remains of two Broch and the foundation of an oval house are obtained, probably part is called an Ancient cooking place was and Burned Mound. The rings of Tivla, English " Rounds of Tivla " lie on the island. One of the main attractions are the ruins of Muness Castle, which was built in 1598.


" Unst Bus Shelter " in July 2004

St. Olaf 's Church on Unst