UOP LLC, formerly known as Universal Oil Products known, is a multinational company for the development and deployment of technologies in petroleum refineries, and gas processing, petrochemical and manufacturing industries. The company's roots date back to 1914, when the inventor Carbon " Petroleum" Dubbs with the development of thermal cracking has created the technological basis for modern refinery processes. In the following decades, UOP engineers acquired thousands of patents that led to major advances in process technology, profitability and design of systems.


UOP was founded in 1914 to explore the market potential of patents that held the inventor Jesse A. Dubbs and his son Carbon Petroleum Dubbs. Perhaps because he was born in Pennsylvania oil production centers, Jesse Dubbs gave his son the name Carbon. This later added a P as a middle initial to make his name more euphonious. This earned him his nickname Kerosene, he behiehlt. His sons and grandsons were called Carbon, but with different middle name.

The company was initially founded in 1914 as the National Hydrocarbon Company. J. Ogden Armour provided the seed money available and took the initial losses, mostly through court proceedings for patent litigation. In 1919 the company was renamed to Universal Oil Products. In 1931, several oil companies, including Shell, Standard Oil Company of California, Standard Oil Company of Indiana, Standard Oil of New Jersey, The Texas Company, BP saw an advantage to take over the company as a joint venture. This led to disputes with companies that were not involved in this consortium and who called the Justice Department because of a violation of anti-trust laws.

In the 1940s developed here Vladimir Haensel (later research director and vice president of the company ) be pioneering catalytic reforming with platinum ( Platform ) method.