Up2date is an update agent that has both a text-based interface and a graphical user interface. Up2date is with the Linux distributions Red Hat Linux ( RHL ) and Fedora Core supplied and can determine which software packages need to be updated on your own computer or server.

Up2date can also install new software packages and resolve dependencies here even if they are available in the specified repositories.

To check the authenticity of the software packages GPG is used.

While up2date to Red Hat Linux 9 ( RHL ) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL) version 2 to 4 on the registration and fee-based Red Hat Network access, so up2date used from Fedora Core 1 to 4 directly the specified repositories, which local can be directories, but also YUM and APT sources on the Internet or intranet.

In the versions of Fedora and RHEL 5 was up2date by YUM and later replaced with a graphical interface PackageKit. The development of up2date is set.