Upernavik / Kitaa

Upernavik is the name of a place in the northwest of Greenland is south of Melville Bay ( Qimusseriarsuaq ) with 1134 inhabitants ( 2012). Upernavik was founded in 1772.

Upernavik in German means something like " the Frühlingsort ", which indicates the good hunting conditions. With the drifting ice polar bears get here. Other prey are seals, whales and thick-billed murres, the largest colonies are located in the district.


The place Upernavik is located on one of the many small islands south of Upernavik - ice fiord, in which calve icebergs, the largest of the northern hemisphere. Immediately to the south of the town rises the 1,000 meters high Sanderson's Hope on the island Qaersorssuaq.

The whole area is known for its huge bird cliffs. On the island Upernaviks some nesting thick-billed murres, puffins and guillemots. The largest bird cliffs lie on the slopes of Sanderson's Hope ( Apparsuit ), the Cape Sheckleton ( Also Apparsuit, Appa is the Greenlandic word for thick-billed murre ), on Horsehead ( among others nest here auks ), Aorsuaq ( puffins, guillemots, razorbills ) and others. Other birds in the region are common eider, king eider, common loon, cormorant, Raven and kittiwakes. The animal world otherwise composed of belugas, narwhals, walruses, seals, musk oxen ( Svartenhuken ), reindeer ( Svartenhuken ), arctic foxes, arctic hares, and occasionally polar bears get the drift here.

In Upernavik found with the Upernavik Museum is the northernmost open-air museum in the world.


Until January 1, 2009 Upernavik was its own municipality, which then burst into the metropoloitan Qaasuitsup Press Office. In addition to the city in which 1134 people lived, there was a community Upernavik from the 10 smaller settlements ( population figures as of 2012):

  • Upernavik Kujalleq (South Upernavik ): 209 inhabitants, 81 km south Upernaviks.
  • Kangersuatsiaq ( Proven ): 185 inhabitants, 56 km south Upernaviks.
  • Aappilattoq: 130 inhabitants, 23 km east Upernaviks.
  • Tussaaq: 0 inhabitants, 33 km to the north Upernaviks.
  • Naajaat: 49 inhabitants, 45 km north Upernaviks.
  • Innaarsuit: 156 inhabitants, 55 km north Upernaviks.
  • Tasiusaq: 231 inhabitants, 71 km to the north Upernaviks.
  • Nutaarmiut: 43 inhabitants, 91 km to the north Upernaviks.
  • Nuussuaq: 198 inhabitants, 200 km north Upernaviks.
  • Kullorsuaq: 444 inhabitants, 300 km north Upernaviks.

The municipality of Upernavik extended over a north- south extent of about 450 km and an area of ​​approximately 200,000 km ². Although it has a coat of arms, but does not use their own flag.

Coat of arms

Description: In blue three silver lions to a silver toothed wheel in a clockwise direction.


A twinning is the Danish city of Odense.