The abbreviation UPP stands for:

  • The party União Promotora para o Progresso (such as " Union for the Promotion of Progress" ) in Macao
  • Several parties named the United Progressive Party
  • The Peruvian party Unión por el Perú
  • An operator of student housing in the UK, see University Partnership Programme
  • Several parties named United People 's Party
  • The IATA code for the Upolu Airport
  • Uppsala
  • University of Pittsburgh Press
  • Unidades de Polícia unity Pacifica Dora the Brazilian police
  • The practical teaching tests under the second state exam for teaching in North Rhine -Westphalia

Upp stands for:

  • A British rock band, see Upp
  • An album of this band, see Upp (Album)
  • A place in California, see Upp (California )


  • Jerry Upp, Baseball Player
  • Virginia Van Upp (1902-1970), American film producer
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