Upper Styria

As Upper Styria (deprecated Colonel eggs ) refers to the northern, mountainous and forested part of the Austrian province of Styria. The remaining part of the current state is the former Central Styria and today's Eastern and Western Styria, while the Lower Styria in present-day Slovenia lies.


While it ( Mur- Murz - furrow ) are large industrial areas in the southeastern part between Jews and Miirzzuschlag castle, the western and northern part (Upper Enns Valley, Ausseerland, Murau ) is more influenced by agricultural and touristic.

The Upper Styria consists of the districts of:

  • Bruck- Miirzzuschlag
  • Leoben
  • Liezen
  • Murau
  • Mur

It is divided into three sub-regions:

  • Eastern Upper Styria (Leoben, Bruck- Miirzzuschlag ): Upper Mur Valley from Kraubath, Muerztal, Liesingtal, Vordernbergertal,
  • Western Upper Styria ( Malmesbury and Mur ): Upper Mur Valley to Kraubath with side valleys.
  • Enns - Ausseerland ( Liezen with Expositur Groebming ) Salzatal including Mariazellerland.