Đurđa Adlešič

Đurđa Adlešić ( born April 18, 1960 in Bjelovar ) is a Croatian politician. She is currently vice chairman of the Croatian government and chairman of the HSLS. She is also the former Mayor of the City of Bjelovar.


She grew up in the village Tomas, near Bjelovar. After she had attended high school in Bjelovar successfully with educational orientation, she studied comparative literature, philosophy, and Croatian language at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Since 1990 she is actively involved in politics and is one of the founders of the HSLS in Bjelovar. In the 1995 elections, she was elected deputy in parliament and worked actively in the Committee for Family, Youth and Sports and the Committee on Veterans. She was also in the Commission for the detection of the war losses.


Adlešić is married and has two children. She has previously worked with journalism and is one of the founders of the local independent weekly paper was " Naše vrijeme ".