Urach (Breg)

The Urach Urach and between Hammereisenbach

The Urach is the left upper reaches of the only short hammer stream, in Baden- Württemberg arises in Hammereisenbach - Bregenbach in the Schwarzwald- Baar-Kreis from the confluence with the right upper reaches Eisenbach and there also emerges from the right in the Breg.


The Urach springs just south of Vohrenbach - Kaltenherberg in the little house in the forest Widimander height. After a few kilometers it reaches the same village of Urach Vohrenbach. Shortly before Hammereisenbach - Bregenbach here the 11.0 km long Urach flows with the coming from the right, 9.1 km long Eisenbach together to hammer creek that flows after another 1.5 km, the Danube River Breg source.


  • Roturach (right)
  • Eschengrund Bach ( left)
  • Brushing Bach ( left)
  • Faller Lochbach (right)
  • Schwarzenbach ( right)
  • Fahlenbach (right)