Urayasu, Chiba

Urayasu (Japanese浦 安 市, - shi) is a Japanese city, which is located at the borders of the city of Tokyo to the west of Chiba Prefecture.

The city of Urayasu was founded on April 1, 1981, consists of two parts: the original fishing village and the new city. The new districts are referred to Shin- Urayasu, Urayasu what new means. The newer part of the city is very American because of broad streets, sidewalks, palm trees and parks. The buildings are still built in the Japanese style.


Urayasu is known for his Japanese Disneyland, the Tokyo Disney Resort.


  • Street: National Road 357
  • JR Keiyo Line, Railway Station Shin- Urayasu Station and Maihama
  • Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Railway Station Urayasu


  • Keiji Tamada ( football player)
  • Keita Amemiya ( game character designer, film director )


  • United States Orlando, United States, since 1989

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