The Urff at Oberurff - Schiffelborn

The Urff is a 20.1 km long left tributary of the western and Schwalm in Waldeck- Frankenberg and Schwalm- Eder-Kreis, North Hesse ( Germany ).


The Urff rises in the cellar forest. Your source is close to the B 253 in about 560 m west of Bad Wild Unger neighborhood dog village on the plateau between Wölftekopf ( 567 m above sea level. NN. ) To the north- northeast and Great Aschkoppe (640 m) in the southeast.

The Urff that wraps around the Great Aschkoppe at the northern, northeastern and eastern, runs through the wooded nature park basement Edersee initially in an easterly direction to and through dog village, where it bends towards Armsfeld to the southeast. Below Armsfeld, south of Auenbergs (611 m above sea level. NN. ), The stream turns east and flows over mountain freedom, the ruins of Lion's Arch ( 341 m above sea level. NN. ) Passing, and Oberurff - Schiffelborn after Niederurff.

The mouth of the Urff in the Schwalm is located below and to the east of Niederurff to about 194 m altitude in Löwensteiner reason, northeast opposite the Old Castle ( 433 m).

One of the Urff fish ponds between mountain and freedom Oberurff

Powered by Urff recreational and fishing lake at Oberurff - Schiffelborn

Flow of Oberurff

Catchment and inflows

The Urff is a body of water III. Order. Its catchment area covers 41.74 km ².

Among the tributary streams of the Urff include, among others ( downriver considered ):

  • Army Bach ( right side; junction between dog village and Armsfeld )
  • Appen Bach ( right side; junction between Armsfeld and mountain freedom )
  • Kohlbach (left side; junction between Armsfeld and mountain freedom )


The villages on the Urff are ( downriver considered ):

  • Bad Wildungen Dog Village
  • Bad Wildungen - Armsfeld
  • Bad Wildungen - mountain freedom
  • Bad Arolsen - Oberurff - Schiffelborn
  • Bad Arolsen - Niederurff