Urs Freuler

Urs Freuler ( born November 6, 1958 in Bilten, Canton of Glarus ) is a Swiss cyclist.

He could win at Railway Road Cycling World Championships a total of 14 medals. Between 1981 and 1989, he was ten times world champion track. Overall, he won more than 70 road races. In 1984, he won the jersey of the point best after the Giro d'Italia. He also won in 21 six-day races and thus is ranked 25 of the eternal rankings.

In Six Days 1990 in Munich Freuler was disqualified for doping. After a race in Sindelfingen 1991, he was suspended for four months due to the use of amphetamines.

Urs Freuler is a trained auto mechanic and has a cycling boutique in Uster. He he originates from Glarus and Ennenda and lives in Bilten. In the Six Days of Zurich, he acts as a co-organizer.


1982 and 1983 Urs Freuler was elected to the Swiss Sportsman of the Year.