Uruguay national rugby union team

The Uruguayan rugby union team represents Uruguay in the sport of Rugby Union. She qualified for the world championships in 1999 and 2003 and could each win a victory in the first round there. Her nickname " Los Tero " comes from the Bronze lapwing, a bird native to South America.

  • 4.1 Men
  • 4.2 Women


1950 - 1980

On September 9, 1951, the national team was beaten at her debut against Argentina with 0:62. A few days later, however, succeeded in Uruguay with 8:3 against Chile to celebrate the first victory of the association 's history. With another victory against Brazil was reached the second place in the inaugural tournament of the South American Rugby Championship.

1953 Uruguay met again to Brazil for the first home game of the " Tero " in its history. In 1958 they played against Chile, Argentina and Peru again to the South American Championship, came here for a win and two defeats and were at the end of third parties. A year later, the "Junior Springboks ," a young selection of the South African national team, in Montevideo guest. 1960 received Uruguay before 5,000 spectators for the first time a selection from France, but this was not counted as an official national team. The game was lost with 00:59.

In the following decades, Uruguay played every two years against other South American representative to the Continental Cup and was first described in 1981 to win the title, as Argentina did not participate in this edition. 1982 five Uruguayans were nominated for the first tour of South American Selection " Los Jaguares ". The team traveled to South Africa to study there as a series of games against the " Springboks ". The most prominent representative of the banns were the Argentinean Hugo Porta and Marcel Loffreda.

1990 - today

In 1993, Uruguay in qualifying for the 1995 World Cup Argentina for the first time on the brink of defeat. The team led long with 10:6 until one of their players sent off. The Argentines it, in the course to turn the game around and win with 19:10, the " Tero's " were nevertheless adopted with great applause succeeded. After they defeated a reserve team in the " Springboks " at the first away game of Uruguay outside the American continent and also won their game against the Welsh club Swansea in Montevideo.

In 1998, the team qualified for the World Cup in Wales in attack. First they met Chile and Paraguay, both games could be designed victorious. In the next round, there were defeats against Argentina, Canada and the United States. They qualified for the Barrage Round, in which one could off Morocco and thus allowed for the first time to participate in a World Cup. In the preliminary round would retire after two defeats against South Africa and Scotland and a victory over Spain in third place out.

2001 took over the former international player Diego Ormaechea Marcelo Nicola and the technical management of the national team and led them through each one win and one defeat against Chile, Canada and the U.S. for the 2003 World Cup in Australia. In the preliminary round Group C there was next three tall defeats a 24:12 win against Georgia.

2005 Uruguay reached the 14th place ranked the highest in its history in the IRB world rankings. In qualifying for the 2007 World Cup, the national team failed in the play-off round in Portugal. In Lisbon, the first leg was lost with 5:12, the 18:12 victory in Montevideo was not enough just to successful qualification.


Results at World Championships

  • World Cup 1987: did not participate
  • World Cup 1991: not qualified
  • World Cup 1995: not qualified
  • World Cup 1999: Preliminary Round ( a victory )
  • World Cup 2003: Preliminary Round ( a victory )
  • World Cup 2007: not qualified ( Barrage Round )

Results in South America Play

  • 2014: Silver


  • 2014: Bronze

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