Userkare, also Weserkare ( other reading type ), an ancient Egyptian King (Pharaoh) was the 6th Dynasty (Old Kingdom), who reigned around 2300 BC for a short time.

Userkare is found only in the King List in the Seti I Temple of Abydos and the Royal Canon of Turin. Manetho did not mention him. It is governed only have a short time (two years?). Maybe he has usurped the throne. There is an indication that Queen Chentkaus II ( Chentitkaues ) was his mother.

He is known by three cylinder seals and a tool. The tool has a work force of the ruler is called, which may imply that he took a larger Bauprobjekt in attack.

Gustave Jéquier discovered another clue on the granite sarcophagus of Anchnes - pepi III. , Who was found in the pyramid of Queen Iput II. The basalt cover showed the remains of an inscription, which was reconstructed recently. The board is similar to the Palermostein with royal annals of the 6th Dynasty. Then Userkare actually seems to have reigned before Pepi I as the successor of the murdered Teti II. According to Miroslav Verner he was Pepi I. victims of the " damnatio memoriae ".