Users' group

A user group (english user group ) is a representation of ( legal or natural ) persons who usually have a common goal and / or common interests. The term is particularly common in computer science.

A user group has, among others, the following similarities:

  • They use the same software product
  • You have an interest in ensuring that this software will be further developed in their sense
  • You believe to be stronger as a group

User groups are organized in Germany in general as nonprofit association. The association

  • Promotes the exchange of experience among members and with the software vendor
  • Assists members in representing your interests to the software manufacturer
  • Is independent of the software maker

The members of a user group meet regularly to discuss with each other to help each other with problems and exchange news. Often there are workshops and presentations.

There are, among other user groups for different operating systems (Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Microsoft ) Programming and scripting languages ​​(Perl, PHP,. NET) and other computer -related topics ( applications and the like).

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