Uspallata is an Argentine town in the department of Las Heras in the province of Mendoza.

- 32.591111111111 - 69.347777777778Koordinaten: 32 ° 35 ' S, 69 ° 21' W


The town lies in the valley of Arroyo Uspallata north of its confluence with the Rio Mendoza between pre-and Main Cordillera of the Andes at an altitude 1750-2040 meters, three mountain ranges - Cerro Aspero ( 3,357 meters - east ), Cerro Penitentes ( 4351 Meters - south-west ) and Cerro Tigre ( 5675 meters - north west ) determine the panorama.

In place of the Ruta Nacional 149 meet, which continues north to the border of San Juan Province and from there via Barreal and Calingasta to Las Flores, and the Ruta Provicial 52 on the Ruta Nacional 7 About the curvaceous, formerly Ruta Nacional 7 acting Ruta provincial 52 is the provincial capital Mendoza about 105 kilometers away, to the border with Chile on Tunel del Cristo Redentor and is approximately 90 kilometers.


It is assumed that the oasis of the Arroyo Uspallata and the Arroyo San Alberto was inhabited in pre-colonial times, the first time the village stepped into the light of history, as a 1817 Argentine troops under the command of Juan Gregorio de Las Heras way through the valley the Rio Mendoza chose to overcome the Andes in the liberation of Chile.

In connection with the construction of the Ferrocarril trasandino between Los Andes and Mendoza Uspallata was connected to the Argentine railway network on February 22, 1891 by the opening of the section to Mendoza, in 1910 the connection to Los Andes in Chile was made.


The 2001 census was 3,437 inhabitants, which results compared to the 1991 census, a population increase of 505 residents ( 17.2 %) for Uspallata including settlements La Fundición and Las Bóvedas.


Apart from agriculture, mainly the cultivation of vegetables, tourism and transport industry are of great importance.


Uspallata is the supply center for tourists to travel further to the Aconcagua and the Parque Provincial Aconcagua due to its location. Locally the ruins and the Museo Las Bóvedas deserve attention.