UTA stands for:

  • Environmental Technical Assistant, a training occupation
  • Union de Transports Aériens, a former French airline
  • Union Tank Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG, a German tank and service card company
  • United Talent Agency, an American talent agency
  • United Telekom Austria, an Austrian telephone and Internet provider, which is one of Tele2 since autumn 2004
  • Universidad de Tarapacá in Arica, Chile
  • University of Tampere in Finland
  • Underground facility, to work, or deposit in a mountain cave or tunnel system
  • Atypical aging, an error in white wines
  • Urantrennarbeit, a term that is used in uranium enrichment
  • UTA Arad, a Romanian football club based in Arad
  • UTA Utilities Additives, an ordinal regression model method, based on the preferential method of MCDA

Uta stands for:

  • Uta ( first name ), a female first name, see also Ute ( first name )
  • Lateral spot iguanas ( Uta ), a genus belonging to the iguana -like Phrynosomatidae, which mainly inhabit the sandy- rocky dry areas of North America
  • Emerged Uta ( Pear ), from the crossing of varieties Madame Verte and Bosc 's Flaschenbirne at the Institute of Fruit Research Dresden -Pillnitz
  • Uta ( Sardinia), an Italian municipality ( comune ) in the province of Cagliari in Sardinia
  • Uta (South Africa), a place in South Africa
  • Uta- Garuta (Japanese歌 ガルタor歌 加 留 多, German " poem cards"), a Japanese card game ( Karuta )
  • Uta- publisher of popular literature
  • Uta of Naumburg, a founder figure in Naumburg Cathedral
  • Utamakura, in Japanese literally means " Uta- cushion", a rhetorical concept of Japanese poetry
  • , Less often called Waka (和 歌Japanese Japanese poem ) also Yamato uta (大 和 歌) is a genre of Japanese poetry

Uta stands for feature films and television series:

  • Uta (1969 ), American film drama from 1969
  • Uta (1972 ), Japanese film drama directed by Akio Jissoji of 1972
  • Uta (2005), American short film drama directed by Kim Spurlock 's 2005
  • Uta ( TV series), twelve-part West German television series from 1983

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