Utendorf is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Frankish dominated the south of Thuringia. It belongs to the administrative community Dolmar salt bridge, which has its administrative headquarters in the municipality Schwarza.

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Utendorf is from Meiningen district of Jerusalem about five kilometers north of the center of the county town of Meiningen and two kilometers to the east. A few kilometers northeast of the town rises to the 739 m high Dolmar an extinct volcano.


The village was first hen bergischer fief and since 1264 the property of the lords of Kühndorf. 1264 was a part of the monastery pipe, the whole village but in 1307 at the convent to Kühndorf. The community was first clearly documented in the year 1343rd In 1380, however, the Kirchdorf burned off completely and is mentioned again until 1536.

After the division of the county of Henneberg - Schleusingen in 1660 the place came from the Office Kühndorf to the Office Wasungen. Since 1680 he belonged to the Duchy with this Saxe-Meiningen. 1702 Utendorf was affiliated with the Office Meiningen.

Utendorf 1660-1674 was affected by witch hunts: Seven women came in witch trials. Catharina, Hans Kehl's wife was burned in 1660.

Today, the small community is by its location with proximity to Meiningen, but without thoroughfare a popular residential location, on the outskirts, a development area in the 1990s emerged.

Population Development

Development of the population (31 December):

Data source from 1997: Thuringian State Office for Statistics


Parish council

The municipal council of Utendorf is composed of six members.

  • Pro Utendorf: 4 seats
  • List Sportvereinfür Youth and Family: 2 seats

(As at municipal election on June 7, 2009)


The honorary mayor Jörg Wissmann was elected on 28 September 2008.

Culture and sights


The Utendorfer church perched on a hill 27 meters above the town. The present church was built in 1821 after the medieval predecessor had collapsed just after a church service.

Natural Monuments

The armholes, set as hunger sources is a geological feature; they are just full of water when it rained before long, and after the snow melts. The two separate source ports are located east of the road to Meiningen in Berlesgrund.


As a sports club eV is active in Utendorf of gymnastics and sports club in 1905 Utendorf. The association has 87 members (as of 1 January 2011). In the sport of football club is primarily operated, but there are still a department of woman gymnastics.