Utility aircraft

A multi-purpose aircraft ( known in English as multi-role, multi -purpose or utility aircraft referred to ) is a civil or military aircraft type that is not for a single or very limited area of ​​application (eg as a carrier or land-based model, as Bomb or transport aircraft ) is designed, but can be used in many different application areas. In these models, specific additions or modifications and payloads can be additional for certain areas. Especially for helicopter was this design principle from the outset typical.

Modern aircraft are often planned as a multi- purpose version in its basic version, and produced according to the application as an advanced building types. This can be found in the military field, for example, multi-role combat aircraft that can be used as a fighter, reconnaissance and light bomber at the same time or tanker aircraft, which are also fitted as a troop transport or cargo aircraft.


Examples of multi-purpose aircraft:

  • Airbus A310 MRT
  • Antonov An-2
  • Beechcraft Model 50
  • Beriev Be -32
  • Boeing 767
  • Cessna 195
  • Dornier Do 28
  • Embraer KC -390
  • Ilyushin Il -214
  • Let Z -37
  • NH90
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