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Utlängan an island in the archipelago Karlskronar (Swedish Karlskrona skärgård ) is longer in the Swedish province of Blekinge.


The island is located far out on the open sea. Only Utklippan is located further away from the mainland. Utlängan consists mostly of forest and meadow areas. The island is about three kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide. The size is about 215 acres.

The Port of Utlängan, Stenshamn, is located on its own island. Utlängan can be reached from there via a bridge. In Utlängan is a transmitting station of the Signal Intelligence ( Försvarets radio Institution). In the southern part of the island is a lighthouse.


In the Middle Ages the island was a base for sea voyages. The route is now known under the name of King Waldemar sailing route.