Utne Reader

Utne Reader is established in 1984, American cultural magazine with zweimonatlichem cycle.


The magazine collects and provides by reprinting for the dissemination of information, comments and reviews. Also music and DVDs are included. In addition, the editors add their own original articles that comment on contemporary culture trends.


The magazine was founded by Eric Utne and Nina Utne 1984. 2004 came to a temporary change of name. In 2006, the magazine was sold to the publisher Ogden Publications, which is represented by publications such as Mother Earth News and Natural Home on the U.S. market. The name " Utne Reader" has been renewed, the magazine devoted himself again to the initial objectives, "the best of the alternative press" to make available to a wider readership.

According to commentator for the New York Times, Utne Reader has been created as part of the Salon movement of the 1980s, which was dedicated to the cultural and political debate on topical contemporary issues.

Utne Independent Press Awards

Every year, a jury awarded the magazine, the Utne Independent Press Awards. This honor alternative and independent English language magazines worldwide. Winners in 2006 were Wilson Quarterly, In These Times, 28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine.