The Calixtins (also Calixtines, from Latin calix, chalice, tschech. kališníci; Utraquists last, from Latin communio sub specie utraque, communion in both kinds - bread and wine) were a party of the Hussites.

Your Jan Rokycana 1420 set out in the Four Articles of Prague demands included the free preaching, the chalice for the laity, the secularisation of church property and strict church discipline in the clergy.

The Calixtins found mainly support for the nobility and the bourgeoisie as a moderate party of the Hussite movement. In the Prague Compacts - in some publications also called Basel Compacts - on the Council of Basel in 1433, at least the Lord's Supper was granted to them in both forms. However, all requirements of the Articles of Prague could not be enforce. Already in 1462, Pope Pius II, the Compacts to be invalid.

1457 or 1458, the Bohemian Brethren, a theologically and organizationally independent of the Utraquist Church Community founded. After 1530 there was a further split under the influence of the Lutheran Reformation. While the so-called Altutraquisten strictly adhered to the provisions of Article Four and the compacts and, moreover, rejected innovations that Neuutraquisten took many ideas of Lutheranism. Was the country Legally recognized in Bohemia but only the traditional Utraquismus.