Utrecht–Boxtel railway

The railway line Utrecht - Boxtel also Staatslijn H is a railway line between Utrecht and Boxtel. The railway is the main north-south railway line in the middle of the Netherlands. The distance is about 60 kilometers.


On January 1, 1868, the first section between Vught and Boxtel was opened. The section between Utrecht and Hedel followed on 1 November 1868 as well as the section 's- Hertogenbosch- Vught. The final section between Hedel and 's- Hertogenbosch was inaugurated on 14 September 1870. The route operates three major rivers, the bridge over the Lek was opened in 1868, followed by the bridge over the Waal in 1870 and in the same year over the Meuse. The bridge over the Lek was the longest bridge in Europe to its opening.

Train services

Currently operating on the route the inter-city trains from Alkmaar to Maastricht and Heerlen, from Schiphol to Eindhoven and the regional trains from Utrecht CS to Geldermalsen, Tiel, 's- Hertogenbosch and Breda. In addition, still runs a local train of 's- Hertogenbosch to Eindhoven.

On the connection distance between Breda and Tilburg pervert the Inter -cities of Roosendaal to Arnhem and the regional train from Breda to Utrecht. On the connecting line between Boxtel and Eindhoven also operate the Inter -cities of Alkmaar to Maastricht or Heerlen and from Schiphol to Eindhoven and the regional of 's- Hertogenbosch to Eindhoven.

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