Utrecht Centraal railway station

  • Railway line Utrecht - Kampen
  • Railway line from Amsterdam to Arnhem
  • Railway line Utrecht - Boxtel
  • Railway line Utrecht -Rotterdam


The Utrecht Centraal railway station, colloquially Utrecht CS, is the main station of the Dutch city of Utrecht. It is the largest train station in the Netherlands with 14 tracks on 7 platforms, as well as the busiest railway station in the Netherlands with about 230,000 passengers every day. Utrecht CS has good connections to German cities by the ICE International such as in Oberhausen, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main. The railway station is an important change junctions in the heart of the Netherlands. Its central location is as good as any major city in the Netherlands from Utrecht CS to reach by train. The station is on the railway lines Centraalspoorweg (Utrecht - Kampen ), Rhijnspoorweg (Amsterdam- Arnhem), Staatslijn H (Utrecht - Boxtel ) and at the Goudselijn (Utrecht -Rotterdam ).


The first stop on the present territory of the station was opened in the year 1843, when the Nederlandsche Maatschappij Rhijnspoorweg - opened its very first station in Utrecht. In 1938 the station to the main station, as on the other side of the city of Maliebaan station was closed and the track was directed by Hilversum in the Central Station.

Until the 1970s, the old station building of 1865 remained, however, it was completely renovated in 1936. The station building from the late 1930s was in turn demolished in the 1970s to make room for " Hoog Catharijne ". This is one of the largest shopping centers in the Netherlands and was opened on 17 December 1973. Since then, the station concourse has no private entrance, but the aisles of the shopping center lead directly into the concourse. In 1989 the station was extended by an additional platform.

Since 2008, the station will be completely rebuilt. In part, the hall will be replaced with a new glass structure of Benthem Crouwel architects, as well as platform roofs to be replaced. The bus stop, which was previously on the east side of the station was divided between two stops.

A model of the new station can be visited in Madurodam.

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