Utrechtboog ( in German as much as " Utrecht Arch ") is a rail overpass structure in the southeast of the Dutch capital Amsterdam, which was opened on 12 March 2006. By Utrechtboog trains from Utrecht can drive without over the Amsterdam Centraal Station, Schiphol Airport, which the trains have seven minutes time savings. Before either had to go via Amsterdam Centraal or change at Duivendrecht station the passengers. The Utrechtboog threaded Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA railway station after the train from Amsterdam- Arnhem and leads to two viaducts, each single track, to the west and then threaded in about 1,500 meters back to the railroad track Weesp - Leiden one. In the future, the ICE International from Frankfurt am Main to drive over the Utrechtboog to Schiphol train station.

52.3205555555564.9341666666667Koordinaten: 52 ° 19 ' 14 " N, 4 ° 56 ' 3" O

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