Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar ( Bengali: উত্তম কুমার, Uttam Kumar, real name: Arun Kumar Chattopadhyay, born 3 September 1926 in Kolkata, † 24 July 1980 ) was an Indian film actor. He was the most famous star of the Bengali film. Over more than 20 years he formed with Suchitra Sen is a popular movie couple.

Life and work

Uttam Kumar was born into a family of actors Kolkataer amateur. He left college without a degree and earned his living first as a clerk in Kolkata. In 1949 he had his debut with the film. He broke with the until the early 1950s, prevailing, exaggerated theatrical style of Bengali actor.

In 1953 he appeared in the comedy Sharey Chuattar first time together with Suchitra Sen in front of the camera. Although the film was a box office hit, but qualitatively rather modest. He established a long-standing partnership between the two most popular Bengali movie movie stars of the entertainment cinema. The career Kumars is particularly influenced by romantic melodramas like Sagarika (1956) and Saptapadi ( 1961).

Uttam Kumar was the protagonist of two films of the Bengali Academy Award winner Satyajit Ray, Nayak (1966) and Chiriakhana (1967). In Nayak he played a movie star who accepting disgusted by the absurd characteristics cultic worship escapes by his fans in alcohol and isolation. During a train journey he comes up with a young journalist (played by Sharmila Tagore ) in contact, which finally manages to elicit from him his life story. The film carries biographical traits Kumar.

The actor Kumar played in three decades in about 190 films. In Hindi film, he appeared only sporadically. For four films Uttam Kumar stood as a director behind the camera. His autobiography was published in 1979. He died of a heart attack in Kolkata. His body was burned after Hindu rite.