Utva 60

The Utva 60 is a liaison aircraft of the Yugoslav manufacturer Utva produced for both military as well as civilian purposes.

History and construction

Responsible for the development were Branislav Nikolić and Dragan Petković. On April 22, 1959, with a Lycoming GO -435 - C2B2 piston engine equipped with 260 hp Utva 56 launched the prototype for its maiden flight. The flight tests were successful. For volume production of the aircraft was equipped with a Lycoming O -480 engine and was named Utva 60 The Utva 60 is a Ganzmetalleindecker fixed spur wheel chassis and could also be equipped with floats or skis.


  • Utva 56 - Prototype
  • Utva 60 - AT1 - four-seat basic version
  • Utva 60 - AT2 - version with dual controls as a training aircraft
  • Utva 60 -AG - Agricultural Version
  • Utva 60AM - Ambulance version
  • Utva 60H - seaplane with floats

Military use

  • Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Cambodia Cambodia
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Republika Srpska Republika Srpska