Utva 65

The Utva -65 Privrednik is an agricultural aircraft of the Yugoslav manufacturer Utva.

History and construction

The Utva -65 was designed by Branislav Nikolić and Mirko Dabinović specifically as an agricultural aircraft. It was a single-seat, single-engine low-wing monoplane. The wings were identical with those of the high-deck Utva 60, but they were extended and amplified substantially. The aircraft has a conventional tail, which consists of the Utva was also derived 60. The hull of the Utva 65 had a steel tube structure, metallbeplankt forward and down, as well as a rest stoffbespanntem The single seater cockpit was set high and behind the wings to ensure the best possible visibility for the pilot. Before the cockpit there was the filling opening for the chemicals to be sprayed. The aircraft had a nichteinziehbares spur wheel chassis.

At the start of production you could choose from three Lycoming six-cylinder boxer engines:

  • GO- 480 - B1A6 with 200 kW,
  • GO- 480 - G1A6 with 216 kW or
  • IGO -540 - B1A 260 kW.



  • Algeria Algeria: 5
  • Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia