Utva 66

The Utva 66 is a STOL aircraft of the Yugoslav manufacturer Utva. It was developed from the Utva 60 and first flew in 1966.


The Utva 66 is a single-engine, high-wing monoplane strutted with STOL characteristics, which can accommodate four people and can be used by start and unprepared runways. The aircraft has a fixed spur wheel chassis and can also be equipped with floats or skis. The cockpit is equipped with dual controls, so that the machine can also be used as a training aircraft. Instead of the right front and rear seat, two stretchers could be accommodated. The last aircraft were withdrawn from service in 1999.


  • Utva 66 - series model
  • Utva 66AM - Ambulance version
  • Utva 66H - seaplane
  • Utva 66V - Military Version
  • Utva 66AG - Agricultural Version

Military user

  • Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Macedonia Macedonia
  • Republika Srpska Republika Srpska
  • Serbia Serbia