Utzenfeld ( Alemannisch Utzefäld ) is a town in the Black Forest in Baden- Württemberg.

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Geographical Location

The municipality is located in Utzenfelds 560-1124 m altitude in the upper meadow valley in the Black Forest Nature Park. The nucleus extends along the right bank of the meadow between the cities of Schönau im Schwarzwald and Todtnau.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by Wieden, on the east by the city Todtnau, to the south by Tunau and the town of Schönau im Schwarzwald and to the west by Aitern.

Community structure

The municipality includes the village Utzenfeld Utzenfeld and the tines Königshütte which extends in part to Wieden area.


Utzenfeld was first documented in 1294. The place belonged to the monastery of St. Blaise and thus from 1368 to Further Austria. With the secularization of the monastery in 1806 the village came to the newly created Grand Duchy of Baden. 1809 Utzenfeld was an independent municipality.


Because of the membership of Further Austria, the Reformation Utzenfeld has passed, so that the majority of the population is Roman Catholic today. The place belongs to the Roman Catholic parish of Schönau im Schwarzwald, but there is a private place of worship in Utzenfeld. The few Protestant inhabitants are also the parish to Schönau.


Utzenfeld belongs since 1971 to the Gemeindeverwaltungsverband Schönau at the Black Forest.

Parish council

The council includes only the mayor as chairman eight members. The local elections of 7 June 2009 resulted in a turnout of 58.6 % ( - 0.3 ) the following result:

Culture and sights

Natural Monuments

Since 1940, there is a nature reserve Utzenfluh, it contains many natural attractions.

Economy and infrastructure


From 1889 to 1966 Utzenfeld was connected by the railway line cell in the meadow valley - Todtnau to the rail network.

Established businesses

Utzenfeld is home to several large plastic manufacturers, eg Nilit Plastics Europe GmbH & Co. KG ( a company of Nilit Plastics Division ), which belong to the most important polyamide compounders in Europe.


In Utzenfeld there is no school, elementary students attend the joint elementary school - Utzenfeld Wieden Wieden. The students from the fifth grade visit the main school Schönau im Schwarzwald, the secondary school in Zell im meadow valley or the high school in Schönau im Schwarzwald. For the youngest inhabitants, there is the kindergarten " Utzenfluh ".