Uvais Mohamed Imitiyas

Uvais Mohamed Imitiyas was 2006-2010 Mayor of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Imitiyas came through an administrative- political chance at his office. From professional auto rickshaw driver from a poor family, he applied as an Independent for mayor. As such, he had no chance to win. Since the United National Party ( UNP), one of the biggest parties of the country, however, had erected a minor, their list has not been approved, and the UNP would have in the elections can not participate.

In order to get the votes of the traditional UNP voters nevertheless, an agreement was made that the approvable UNP candidates were included in Imitiyas ' list, and he would give up his office after the election. The UNP under Siriseena Cooray led to campaign for Imitiyas ' list, which then won the elections. To the disappointment of the UNP to Imitiyas after the election but refused to follow the agreement and remained in office.