Uwagi (Japanese上衣or上 着) called in Japanese martial arts ( Budo Japanese ) the "jacket". The Uwagi part of the tracksuit (Japanese Keikogi ) of the martial artist and can vary greatly in their appearance.


Uwagi be dressed like a shirt and always worn with the left over the right side panel. If in case of death someone to be buried in his Uwagi, the right over the left side panel is placed. A belt (Japanese Obi ) is used so that the jacket does not rise. To fasten the two side panels some models a lacing at waist level (eg in Jiu Jitsu, Karate ) or in the chest area (eg in Iaidō ).

Frequently on the Uwagi club or association emblems (so-called badges ) can be seen. These then provide the affiliation of Budoka to a martial art, a bandage and / or a club dar. Often promotional stickers of their respective companies are embroidered as self-promotion on the Uwagi.


The Uwagi is usually made ​​of cotton and their thickness or strength varies widely - from eight to 16 ounces (oz). The strength and weave patterns are dependent on the requirements of martial arts and also the preference of the individual Budoka.


The color of the Uwagi - traditionally white - depends on the martial art itself, or is determined by the martial arts association or club. Common stains are white, black and blue.


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