Uwais al-Qarani

Uwais al - Qarani (Arabic أويس القرني, DMG Uwais al - Qarani; 7th century ) was an Islamic mystic (see Sufism ) and a contemporary of the Prophet Muhammad. He is considered the first Sufi at all.

According to tradition, Uwais comes from the place Qaran in Yemen, hence its name al - Qarani. When he heard from the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings, he asked his care and blind mother for permission to be allowed to visit them. She answered him that he had her consent to see the Prophet again, and then immediately return home because she was sick at that time and no one would have in its absence can maintain. Should the prophet be home, he would meet him; if he should not be at home, he should immediately return to Yemen again.

So Uwais went on a three-month journey on foot to travel from Yemen to Medina, the city of the Prophet. When he arrived at the house of Muhammad 's wife Aisha opened the door and said her husband was not at home, but on his return from a trip and would not arrive until a day later.

But Uwais did not want to break his promise to his mother. That's why he gave Aisha the order to convey his greetings to the Prophet, and immediately went back on the way back. In this way, Uwais al - Qarani never got to meet the prophet alive.

It was later reported in the traditions that Uwais al - Qarani after the death of the Prophet Muhammad whose "second coat" came up and he was thus originating a straight line at the transmission. According to tradition, he lived then as a hermit in the desert. In addition, it should go back to the oldest Sufi order ( tariqa ), scientific evidence for these early Sufis there is not today, however. The organization Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi Shahmaghsoudi, according to his own statement a School of Islamic Sufism, sees himself in the tradition of Uwais al - Qarani with a direct spiritual lineage ( silsila ) to go back to him. It is an international, forming, non-profit organization with centers around the world.

  • Mystic
  • Sufi
  • Born in the 6th century
  • Died in the 7th century
  • Man
  • Yemeni