Uwe Heppner

Uwe Heppner ( born July 18, 1960 in Merseburg ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic. 1980 Olympic victory was in the quadruple sculls.

Uwe Heppner trained under Lothar Trawiel at SC Chemie Halle. 1977 Heppner won the quadruple sculls at the Junior World Championship, the following year he was able to defend that title. Together with Martin Winter won the SC Magdeburg Heppner 1979 double sculls at the East German championship. 1980 Winter sat and Heppner in quadruple sculls and were Olympic champion at the Olympic Games in Moscow together with Frank Dundr and Carsten Bunk. In the 1981 season, the Berlin Peter Kersten and Karl -Heinz Bussert came to winter and Heppner in the boat and this new crew won the world title in Munich. 1982 Kersten was replaced by Uwe mouth, the world champion title was successfully defended.

1983 Heppner joined in the double sculls and won along with Thomas Lange, the East German championship and the world championship title in 1984 lacked the two because of the Olympic boycott the season's highlight. In 1985 she defended her world title in 1983. Heppner won in 1986 together with Andreas Hajek World Cup bronze, 1987, he defended his third place with Uwe Sägling. Only crack at the Olympic Games in Seoul Heppners long series of medal places: Uwe mouth he finished fifth.

Uwe Heppner studied education and is a teacher in Berlin, where he also coaches a rowing community on the Poelchau high school. In the GDR, he was in 1980 awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver and 1984 gold.