Uwe Schulten-Baumer

Uwe Schulten -Baumer ( born January 14, 1926 in Kettwig ), nicknamed " The Doctor ", is a former German show jumping and dressage riders, who achieved as a dressage trainer international notoriety. It bears the distinction of riding master.

Career and students

As the son of a farmer, he became interested in early for horses. Compared to his school there was a hippodrome, where he helped groom the horse. Later he also learned to ride here. Military service he completed in the Navy. Here he rode on Saturday the commander horses.

After the Second World War he was in 1952 with Senta participants in the show jumping competition of the CHIO Aachen. By Fritz Temple he later acquired the gelding gambling, with whom he completely focused on dressage. Besides, he trained other riders.

He was a skilled businessman, took the Abitur, he studied economics and graduated with the work " History of the cost curve for the cement industry ." Since he was heavily involved as a full- steel Manager and Board Member of the Cast Iron Association, he decided to end his active sports career and focused entirely on the training of dressage riders.

His first success pupils included his son of the same and his daughter Alexa, both from his first marriage. Margit Otto -Crépin and Pia Laus followed as his pupils.

Another student followed in 1986 by Nicole Uphoff. A year later won this in Lausanne for the first time along with Rembrandt a Grand Prix Spécial. In the following years resulted from the training with Schulten -Baumer various national and international titles for Uphoff.

His next success was pupil Isabell Werth. This was from the neighborhood and was friends with another daughter Schulten- Baumer. At the age of 17 years, New Year's Eve 1986, Werth got from Schulten -Baumer the offer to ride his horses. From this followed a sporting partnership also resulted from the various titles. Werth left the yard Schulten- Baumer in consultation in late 2001 after both required distance from each other and it also came to differences with Ellen Schulten -Baumer.

Ellen Schulten- Baumer's stepdaughter from his second marriage, is also a student of Uwe Schulten -Baumer. She took part in the European Championships in 2007 and 2009 among others.

The horses Isabell Werth to 2001 were all owned Schulten- Baumer, Gigolo FRH remained so until his death. Uwe Schulten -Baumer is also the owner of the horse by Ellen Schulten -Baumer.


The Equestrian Association of the Rhineland ( PSVR ) recorded Schulten -Baumer 1973 Grand Medal of the Association. In 1981 he received the plaque for outstanding services in the Silver German Equestrian Federation (FN). In 1988, the St. George's Plaque PSVR followed. In the years 1992 and 1997, he was awarded as the world best coach by the International Dressage Trainers Club.

As part of the CHIO Aachen 2005, he was the " Silver Horse " for his life's work was presented. In the same year awarded the title master rider was on 28 August 2005, awarded by the FN.

As an award for the communication and selection of highly talented young horses for dressage and show jumping, he won the 2007 PSI Award. In 2009 him the Order of Merit, was also at the CHIO Aachen, bestowed on ribbon.

In addition, he was an instructor and owner of eight times between 1985 and 2000 Otto Lörke Prize, awarded for the best most ten -year-old dressage horse from DOKR.

Schulten -Baumer is an honorary member of the Equestrian Association of the Rhineland.


Schulten -Baumer is partially named in connection with the training of Rembrandt as the inventor of Rollkur. In an interview with Sjef Janssen ( the Netherlands coach dressage and spouses of Anky van Grunsven ), which is regularly cited as an example for the Rollkur / hyperflexion, stated that his system would be totally different from the Schulten- Baumer system. Klaus Balkenhol commented on the issue of the application of the " Rollkur " in Germany in an interview: There were horses in Germany, which have been set low, for example those from the formation of a Dr. Schulten -Baumer, but stood again and again elongation and relaxation in the foreground. But what has made Sjef Janssen in recent years, this was something else.