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Uxellodunum was an ancient settlement ( oppidum ) of the Celtic people of Kadurker in Gaul.

Uxellodunum was the last Gallic settlement, which was besieged in the Gallic War in the summer of 51 BC by Gaius Iulius Caesar and ingested. Caesar had to divert to this purpose, the water from a nearby source.

The location of Uxellodunum has long been controversial: some researchers located the place in Capdenac or Luzech. After renewed excavations in 2001 in the north of the Quercy you are sure to have discovered the ancient site: They are now identified with the Puy d' Issolud, a rocky hill above the valley of the Dordogne, near the present-day communities Vayrac and Saint -Denis- les- Martel in the department of Lot - a place that is known to archaeologists since the 19th century. This settlement remains have been found from the Celtic through Roman to Merovingian time.