Uy River (Irtysh basin)


Location of Ui ( Уй ) in the catchment area of the Irtysh

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The Ui (Russian Уй ) is a 387 km long right tributary of the Irtysh River in the West Siberian Plain (Russia).

He is not to be confused with the homonymous, left tributary of the Tobol Ui, also in Western Siberia and in the Southern Urals.


The Ui rises in about 130 m altitude in the swamp Wassjuganje in the south-central part of the West Siberian Plain, in the extreme northwest of the Novosibirsk Oblast. First, the Ui flows in a southerly direction, but soon reached the Omsk Oblast and turns there almost directly to the west. At its entire length of the Ui meanders strong and finally ends at the village of Ust- Ui, about 25 kilometers northwest of the town of Tara, in the Irtysh.


The catchment area of ​​6920 km ² comprises Ui. The average discharge ( MQ ) is at about 48 kilometers above the mouth of village Baschenowo 19.8 m³ / s ( minimum in February, 6.0 m³ / s, maximum during snowmelt in May 78 m³ / s). The spring flood lasts from April to June.

In estuaries near the UI is a good 50 meters wide and two meters deep; its flow rate: 0.4 m / s

The Ui freezes from late October / early November to April / early May.


The Ui is not navigable.

On Ui, there are no cities, but except in the upper reaches along its entire course smaller villages, which are usually connected by roads. Biggest place is Sedelnikowo the middle reaches with about 5000 inhabitants.