Uyedineniya Island

The loneliness (Russian остров Уединения, Norwegian Ensomheden ) is an uninhabited island in the Kara Sea.


The island is 11.5 km long, 5.2 km wide and has a land area of ​​20 km ². It belongs administratively to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The highest elevation above sea level is about 30 meters to the southwest.

The outline of the island is similar to that of an atoll. The mainland of the island surrounds almost completely the Laguna Severnaya ( " Northern Lagoon" ), which has a narrow opening to the sea just to the north. In the lagoon known as it is in fact a nearly 20 km ² large bay, which is separated in the north, east and south only by narrow spits of land from the open sea. The area of ​​Laguna Severnaya is so marine area and does not go into the area of ​​the island. The situation is different with the Ozero Medweschje, a lake in the south of the island.

The west of the island is criss-crossed by rivers and streams, which flow east to the lagoon and the longest of Rutschej Iogensena is.

It is part of the Great Arctic Nature Reserve, established in 1993, Russia's largest nature reserve.


The island was discovered on August 26, 1878 by Norwegian sailors Edvard Holm Johannesen from Balsfiord in Tromsø and 1914 by Otto Sverdrup first entered.

In the early 1930s the cervical vertebrae of a Plesiosaur found here.

On September 8, 1942, the German submarine U 251 destroyed one located on the loneliness Soviet weather station fired by board of grenades and killed the Soviet occupation (see company Wonderland ). The small weather station was set up again and was constantly busy during the time of the Cold War with a station attendants. She was abandoned on 23 November 1996.