V Bird

Bird V, V Bird Airlines really Netherlands BV, was a Dutch airline based in Maastricht.


The company was founded in 2003 and launched on 27 October 2003 for the first time from its base on the former airport Niederrhein ( Weeze Airport today ) at the German -Dutch border. Already in the first three weeks, the company made ​​headlines when failed because of an existing restriction on the weekend Niederrhein Airport several flights on the weekends or had to be diverted to other airports. Since April 2004, V Bird had its own pilot's license. Up to this time the flights were carried out under the flight numbers of the Dutch Dutch Bird.

On October 14, 2004, V Bird a flight operations. A few days later the debt with 40 million euros airline filed for bankruptcy with the District Court of Maastricht. According to information possessed Bird V in early 2004 more than 160 employees, of which 60 % came from Germany.

V Bird had to connect the goal of low-cost flying with service and so to transfer the successfully conducted in the U.S. by JetBlue concept to Europe. So wanted V Bird offer about a greater legroom than other budget airlines and LCD screens for each seat. The company also promoted not only minimum but also with the high prices.


V Bird offered mainly from their home airport Niederrhein flights inter alia to Berlin Schönefeld, Manchester, Munich, Prague, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Nice, Helsinki, Palma de Mallorca, Rome Ciampino and Maastricht. In summer 2004, V Bird flew for about 4 weeks, the airports of Rhodes and Gran Canaria.


In October 2004, V Bird had three leased Airbus A320 -200 ( registration PH- VAC, PH -VAD, PH - UAE) and another A320 (PH- BMC) had been hired on wet lease from the Dutch Bird. Also Fokker 100 (EI -DFC ) of the Irish EU jet belonged meantime the fleet. The three A320s were transferred on the day of flight operations setting to the lessor.