V (Spock's Beard album)


  • Neal Morse - vocals, keyboards
  • Alan Morse - guitar, cello
  • Ryo Okumoto - Hammond organ, Mellotron
  • Dave Meros - bass guitar, French horn
  • Nick D' Virgilio - drums

V is, as the name suggests, the fifth studio album by the progressive rock band Spock 's Beard. It was released on 22 August 2000.


The album is framed by the two long tracks At the End of the Day and The Great Nothing in those with extended instrumental introductions and interludes, short orchestral inserts and bonds from singer-songwriter, Latin American music, hard rock and fusion takes place a game with voltage potentials. When sounded determining thereby proving next to the retro prog - typical keyboard sounds Hammond organ, Mellotron and piano again and again the punchy bass playing of Dave Meros.

Thoughts In Part II, the band is also working with polyphonic vocal harmonies and strange looking string interludes. Although the title suggests a continuation of the piece Thoughts from the second album Beware of Darkness, this reference was, however, one is not aware of until finding names in a late stage of development.

Less to carry the aforementioned stylistic devices are used in the remaining titles, which can be described as radiotauglichere songs ranging from four to six minutes. Compared to the Revelation and Goodbye to Yesterday ballad is held with All On A Sunday frohgemutes a pop-rock piece included, as the second single and first music video of the band, however, no significant results were summoned.


The compositions and lyrics were, as usual, compiled by frontman Neal Morse, before the rest of the band brought in by proposals to the arrangements. Although Morse attaches his texts from this period even a subordinate role - as the wording of individual passages was determined when the vocal recordings - can lock certain content in the pieces: The Great Nothing tells an autobiographical background, the story of an aspiring musician who not only needed for the success of attention have to fight, but also in dealing with shady people and alcohol on the sample is placed. Finally, he can prevail. In Thoughts Part II deals with black thoughts and the self-destructive effects, while Revelation his wife should be dedicated.

There is a making-of video The Making of V, the full as part of the concert DVD Do not try this at home - has appeared live in Holland. Some short excerpts from them are also included as a multimedia track on the Limited Edition of the album.



  • Neal Morse - vocals, synth, Acoustic Guitar
  • Alan Morse - electric guitar, cello, vocals
  • Ryo Okumoto - Hammond organ and Mellotron
  • Dave Meros - Bass, Stand up pedals, singing and French Horn
  • Nick D' Virgilio - drums, percussion, vocals

Guest musicians:

  • Katie Hagen - French Horn
  • Chris Carmichael - violin, viola, cello
  • Kathy Anne Lord - English Horn
  • Joey Pippin - Trumpet