V. Volodarsky

W. Wolodarski (. В Володарский Russian ) was the code name of Moiseja Markovich Goldstein (Russian Моисей Маркович Гольдштейн; * 11 Dezemberjul / December 23 1891greg in Ostropol, Russian Empire, .. † June 20, 1918 in Petrograd ), a Russian revolutionary. Like other Russian revolutionaries he was not under his birth name, but under his pseudonym W. Wolodarski known, the " W. " no known meaning is assigned.


In June 1918 Wolodarski was a planned by the social revolutionary Grigory Semyonov and executed by N. Sergeyev assassinated. Wolodarski was buried in the Field of Mars in Saint Petersburg. According to him, among other things Wolodarski Bridge in Saint Petersburg and the city Volodarsk in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast was named.