V.S.O.P. (group)

V.S.O.P. is the name of a band that consisted of members of the second Miles Davis quintet and trumpeter Freddie Hubbard.

The name V.S.O.P. was initially supposedly for " Very Special One Time Only Performance"; therefore the original VSOP quintet would, according to Cook and Morton a kind of " fun event " to the " revival " of the legendary Miles Davis Quintet.

The first performance took place on June 29, 1976 in New York as part of the Newport Jazz Festival. Davis summoned Hancock's request if he would not cooperate, refused. Unlike Davis, who continued to play exclusively electric jazz was played by VSOP acoustic jazz, with again the ideal of hard bop was approximated.

Even in later festival appearances " was always hoping that Miles Davis would come to; he did a predictable way that never, and someone else, usually Freddie Hubbard, took over this role. "

First recordings were released with the band, along with fusion material from other band projects Hancock on his album VSOP recordings from a tour of the quintet in the summer of 1977 formed the material for the album VSOP: . The Quintet, which also appeared on Columbia Records. Later published recordings of performances in Japan (Live Under the Sky, 1979) and in 1992 partially in the studio rehearsed A Tribute to Miles with Roney instead of Hubbard on trumpet.