V2 Records

V2 Records is a British record label that was founded in 1996 by Richard Branson, after he had sold to EMI a few years before Virgin Records. 2005, a portion of the label was sold and merged with Artemis Records, the rest went in 2007 to Universal Music.

In addition to the release of PCB from our licensed bands V2 and albums of other independent labels such as Luaka Bop and City Slang. Among the most successful publications of the company include albums by Moby and the White Stripes, the musical range includes not only emotional rock music as Nada Surf, Elbow or Eskobar and singer- songwriters like ( Aimee Mann or Brendan Benson ) falling well out of the ordinary spectrum bands such as the Elektronikduo Underworld. Other important artists of the label are the Gang of Four, Bloc Party, At the Drive - In, dEUS, The Blood Brothers, and since 2006 Alkaline Trio.

2005 sparked Branson V2 North America out of the V2 Music Group and sold it for 15 million U.S. dollars to the Sheridan Square Group. In January 2007 there were in this new constellation - V2 North America merged with Artemis Records - a ' restructuring ': A majority of the staff was released, indemnified under contract artists. The label will be limited in the future to the catalog, digital distribution and the Gospel division.

2006 Branson sold 95 percent of the company to the investment bank Morgan Stanley, before it was sold to Universal Music in 2007. In 2013, over V2 for £ 500,000 from the Play It Again Sam.