V8 (Band)

V8 was an Argentine heavy metal band that was founded in 1979 and disbanded again in 1987. It is one of the most important Argentine representatives of the genre.


The band was founded by bassist and singer Ricardo Iorio to emulate his heroes Motörhead and Black Sabbath. A short time later found the remains drummer and guitarist Ricardo Moreno Gerardo Osemberg the band. The band released their Debütalbun called Luchando por el metal in 1983. Followed in 1984 with Un Paso Más en la Batalla the next album. Following the publication of the occupation changed several times and the last album of the band called El Fin de Los Inicuos was published in 1986. In 1987, the band broke then final.

Singer Alberto Zamarbide, drummer Adrián Cenci and guitarist Miguel Roldan founded the heavy metal band logos. From V8 also other bands like HORCAS, Rata Blanca, Hermetica and Almafuerte emerged. In 1991, the best-of compilation No Se Rindan appeared. In 1996, the band was still together for some live performances, but without bassist and singer Ricardo Iorio. In the same year it was released the live album Homenaje. In 1999, guitarist died Civile. In 2001, the tribute album No Esta Muerto Quien Pelea was published by Iorio, on which, however, only small bands were heard. Another tribute album called V8 No Murio followed in 2002. In 2001, the box set Antologia appeared on all three published albums of the band, as well as unerveröffentlichtes material were included.


  • Demo ( demo, 1982, self-released )
  • Luchando por el Metal ( album, 1983, Umbral Discos & Cintas )
  • Un Paso Más en la Batalla ( album, 1984, Umbral Discos & Cintas )
  • Aleación (split album with Bloke, reef and Thor, 1985, Umbral Discos & Cintas )
  • El Fin de Los Inicuos (Album, 1986, Umbral Discos & Cintas )
  • No Se Rindan ( Compilation, 1991, Halley Records)
  • Homenaje ( live album, 1996, MCA Records)
  • Antologia ( Box set, 2001, Fogon Música )