Vachdorf is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Frankish dominated the south of Thuringia. It belongs to the administrative community Dolmar salt bridge.

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Vachdorf located southeast of Meiningen to both banks of the Werra on the B 89 (approx. 5 km) from junction Meiningen south of the A71 in the direction of Hildburghausen.


For the first time the municipality in the year 840 was mentioned as Fachkedorp in a document of Emperor Louis the Pious. Issued to Ketzicha, today's Bad Kissingen, it is kept in the British Library in London. The sponsoring church castle Vachdorf eV has been working since 1998 to the restoration of the church castle. Vachdorf was originally a fortified possibly Carolingian royal estate. The fortified complex is located in the present-day village in the middle of the Werra valley. 1230 Konrad von Vachdorf was called as a servant of the Bishop of Würzburg. 1435 pledged the Bishop of Würzburg and the places Vachdorf Leutersdorf to the Counts of Henneberg - Schleusingen. The pledge was not until 1495 again redeemed. 1542 came Vachdorf as part of Wurzburg exclave Meiningen in exchange to the Counts of Henneberg - Schleusingen. After they died Vachdorf came with the Office Meiningen in 1583 to the House of Wettin. The Hutturm the fortification is preserved in its original state.

Vachdorf 1619-1665 was affected by witch hunts: 16 persons, 14 women and two men got into witch trials. Eleven women were executed by four processes the output is unknown. Last victims in 1665 was Margaret, Hans Bauer's wife.

From 1680 to 1918, the village belonged to the Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen, and was until 1825 the Meiningen office, and then to 1829 in the Official Maßfeld.


Parish council

The municipal council of Vachdorf consists of eight council women and councilors.

  • CDU 5 seats
  • Home club 3 seats

(As at municipal election 2009)


The honorary mayor Richard Korsch was re-elected on June 6, 2010.

Culture and sights


The Hutturm the Vachdorfer fortified church is probably the last of the four inner corner towers. The tower was built in 1918 burned 2006. He is with a height of 18.70 meters, the landmark of Vachdorf. The Hutturm was 88 years long called because of the missing hat Hutzelturm.

Natural Monuments

Above the town, near the road to Marisfeld is a home built by the club hut on Krayenberg. The steep rock waste can be enjoyed from there to look over Vachdorf and the middle Werra.

Regular events

  • Every two years, beginning July Vachdorf instead of a large Ökofest with up to 20,000 visitors.
  • Every year on the last weekend in October is National Costume fair.
  • 2011 was the 50th Carnival Vachdorf (a large procession takes place every 5 years, the last was in 2011 )
  • The Day of the Open Monument framed by the Friends Church Castle since 1998.


  • Ökomarkt Werra

Economy and infrastructure


Through the village leads the federal highway 89 in the direction of Meiningen Themar. Vachdorf (71 A) Meiningen - Hildburghausen south direction 5 km from the motorway exit. Vachdorf has a breakpoint at the Werrabahn.