Vadamarachchi (Tamil: வடமராட்சி Vaṭamarāṭci [ ʋaɖəməra ʈʂi ː ] ) is a region in the Jaffna Peninsula in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

The Vadamarachchi region nimt a the northeastern part of the Jaffna peninsula and has an area of 296 square kilometers. Vadamarachchi is separated by the Vadamarachchi lagoon of the regions in the west and Valikamam Thenmarachchi in the south. To the northeast lies the coast of the Gulf of Bengal. The largest city is Point Pedro. Administratively Vadamarachchi part of the Jaffna district comprises the Divisions Vadamarachchi East, North and Vadamarachchi Vadamarachchi South -West. The population is around 96,000 (as of 2012).