Vadi, Estonia

Vadi is a village (Estonian küla ) in the Estonian Ida- Viru. It belongs to the rural community Avinurme. Vadi has 85 inhabitants ( 2008).

Description and History

The village Vadi was first mentioned in 1599 as Wadey. It gets its name probably from the Finno-Ugric people of the Votes. They lived in the 13th century in the historical region of Ingria on the river Avijõgi, but mingled later with the Estonians.

In 1939 lived 357 people in Vadi. With the Soviet occupation of Estonia, the population declined sharply.

Vadi was formerly known especially for his barrel coopers, who produced mainly fish barrels, as well as cabbage, cucumber and butter churns. There was also a lively tradition of other wood processing. In the resort in 1775 one of the first schools in the region was founded. It was closed in 1963 due to lack of students.

In Vadi born in nearby Änniksaare Estonian writer Heino Kiik spent (1927-2013) his youth.